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Bhangra Rock band Kissmet and Orchestra of the Swan join forces for this thrilling fusion of music and dance, story-telling and mesmerising spirituality, that brings together the irresistible energy of Bhangra beat and Western Rock with a soundscape of classical strings.

The brainchild of Ron Singh (Kissmet) and David Le Page (Artistic Director of The Swan), this fusion is truly representative of modern multicultural life, reflecting Ron’s experience of growing up in multicultural Britain, listening to everything from classical Hindi and Punjabi music to The Clash and Led Zeppelin. The multi-cultural energy and sheer warmth generated by these performers transcends all divides and appeals to an audience of all faiths, backgrounds, colours, and genders.

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“Coventry is recognised as a diverse city that celebrates multiculturalism and this was evident last night when I attended the UK’s first-ever Bhangra Symphonica… an event that blended classical, rock and bhangra music and bought together people from all walks of life. The audience participated in every aspect of the singing and dancing… I was amazed to see everything blend together so naturally, it was truly like nothing I have seen before in Coventry, and that’s what makes it exciting – there was such a vibrancy in the room tonight. Everybody was up on their feet and dancing; nobody had any inhibitions and I think that is the power of Bhangra music”


Saskia Masaun, Coventry Evening Telegraph

“The balmy air was rent by the unmistakable notes of Bach’s cello suite 1 prelude and we all sighed for the familiar splendour of it. Within moments, the choral vocals of devotional Sikh shabads (hymns) had seamlessly joined the sound, accompanied by the guttural thrum of dhol and tabla. There was perfect harmony for a spell and then, just as the violins, cellos and violas with a sudden swelling seemed about to overwhelm matters the plangent notes of an harmonium cut through the air in a moment that made the hairs stand up on the back of one’s neck. It was a moment of penetrating and numinous beauty, somehow combining music of the streets with that of the temple and that of the chamber or symphony hall.” 


Brijinder Singh

 "An innovative triumph that transcended musical boundaries and left the audience in awe... What truly set this performance apart was way Bhangra Symphonica managed to blend the infectious joy and energy of rock influenced Bhangra sounds with the elegance of orchestral strings, resulting in a performance that was both emotionally moving and undeniably infectious...This unforgettable fusion of traditions has left an indelible mark on my heart, reminding me of the unifying power of music and the beauty of cultural diversity. If you ever have the chance to witness Bhangra Symphonica live, don't miss out! It's a musical experience that will leave you inspired, uplifted, and dancing to the beats of joy for days to come."

Sally Green

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